Moving to Loke with Dan – March 2011

March 11th, 2011

I was still in California, I looked at the classifieds online. Rachel, Daniel and I had talked about moving together. Their time/contract at Beka’s place was about to terminate. It was time for all of us to move. To move energies, to stir up things and brainstorm.

The house I found in the ad was perfect, exactly how we envisioned it. I emailed Daniel. At the same exact time, Rachel emailed him as well. We both emailed him about the same house. She, in her room in Hawaii. Me, in my room in Cali. None of us had any idea the Universe was pulling both of us to search and find the same thing at the same time. ! Meant to be…

They went to see the house. Rachel sent me pictures. We worked a deal with the landlord. We were all in.

Days later, Rachel was doubting. Many excuses she presented. I got really upset at her back and forth moves. I was worried at how we would do it without her. I had to meditate and finally I let go and trusted. I trusted what was happening was the best. Indeed, the best.

Later on we got to rent the room for much more than what she was going to pay. We got to share with a great variety of people, from Japan, China, India, Spain, New Zealand… different backgrounds, different lifestyles… we are learning so much!

Rachel would have demanded so much more attention. I’m grateful things turn out to be the way they did. 8 months have passed by and see it more clear now. She is  actually living with Chris, her partner. They are having a baby in a couple of weeks. (October 2011)

As with every move, there was a lot to do. We had no dishes, pots, pans, utensils, towels, sheets… We did our best to invest the least money we could and still set a cozy home.

I’ve been cleaning Daniel’s moldy stuff for months. He lived in his van for quite some time and then at Becka’s where it was really moldy and his clothes and stuff were everywhere… in boxes, on the floor, in his car, everywhere.

It is nice to have a nice spacious home although is so much work to keep it clean and organized. I pray for things to settle. I’m a little tired now. It’s been 8 months of hard work.

It’s been a bit hard to manage the energy that comes from sharing with Daniel’s daughters. They are sweet, educated and very mellow but they  came with mom’s energy attached…. lice and pinworms that is. The energy of parasite. It hasn’t been easy to manage. I need to keep boundaries, tough love. It is said that when you get together with someones that has kids, you marry the ex-wife and kids all together. It’s a package. The dynamics are interesting today since they are still cleaning up their emotional bodies. We’ll see how things move and flow. I pray for patience. There is nothing steady. Everything moves and change. I have to remember that…



Fixing the Volkswagen van!



Little by little making it home

IMG_2325 IMG_2302 IMG_2301 IMG_2299 IMG_2298 IMG_2295 IMG_2293 IMG_2291 IMG_2289 IMG_2286 IMG_2304 IMG_0098

Enjoying the view IMG_0099   IMG_2263 IMG_2267 IMG_2277

Pele’s energy – all around



Rainbows of hope and love from our homeIMG_8179 IMG_8188 IMG_8571 IMG_8181 IMG_8187


The land of rainbows – Down the road



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