Kalalau beach – We made it! Part 2

May 25th, 2011

The beach,
the river,
the tomatoes and lilikoi plants
the rocks,
the sensitive grass,
the fresh air,
the waterfalls,

can I ever even express with words all the precious elements that were welcoming us.. ?
celebrating us
embracing us

We made it! and it was not easy…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

IMG_3538 IMG_3535IMG_4262 IMG_4266 IMG_4327 IMG_4273 IMG_4286 IMG_4321Next morning
I took a walk to the waterfall
on my path,
flowers, bees,
birds and more birds
never seen anything like that!
the valley was a bird sanctuary…
IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4359 IMG_4366 IMG_4369IMG_4395 IMG_4400 IMG_4405 IMG_4408 IMG_4409


Looking for the mud pool Joel and Victoria talked to me about,
I walked till the end of the beach

IMG_4413 IMG_4421 IMG_4424

I climbed a pile of huge rocks over the other side of the shore,
it was risky to keep going
I turned around
to see a young man walking towards me

He said
“ I was worry you’ll keep going, it gets a little dangerous pass those rocks…”

I said
“I’m looking for the mud”

He responded
“I’ve been here for a few weeks and I have not seen mud”

Maureen was walking towards us

We searched for the mud together and finally found it!

IMG_4437 IMG_4456 IMG_4462(2) IMG_4464 IMG_4465IMG_3401 IMG_3404 IMG_3405 IMG_3409 IMG_3415 IMG_3417 IMG_3428 IMG_3431

IMG_4468 IMG_4477 IMG_4495 IMG_4499

IMG_4497 IMG_4569 IMG_4571 IMG_4579


Glorious days

IMG_3440 IMG_3450 IMG_3451 IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3463

IMG_4501 IMG_4516 IMG_4534 IMG_4536 IMG_4588

Time for rock hoping,
and Maureen got a bit hurt, she fell on the rocks…
Luckily it was on our way back. Luckily, we had home boy to hold her hand and help her hop!
Hop, Hop, Hope!


Sunset from the Heiau

IMG_4611 IMG_4612 IMG_4613 IMG_4616 IMG_4618 IMG_4620 IMG_4627 IMG_4630 IMG_4634 IMG_4639 IMG_4641(3) IMG_4647 IMG_4650(2) IMG_4657 IMG_4663 IMG_4666(2) IMG_4675 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4685 IMG_4689 IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4696 Untitled_Panorama1 Untitled_Panorama4 Untitled_Panorama7


A beach to ourselves

IMG_3468 IMG_3470 IMG_3471 IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3482 IMG_3496 IMG_3519 IMG_3522 IMG_3527 IMG_3529


On the way to the River IMG_3532 IMG_3534 IMG_3541IMG_3542

Kalalau trail. Once seen by helicopter, once hiked, now boated out.

We were not sure how and If we were going to get a boat to pick us up
We stood by the beach looking at the boats come and go, dropping off people.
They would throw their bags in the ocean,  jump out of the boat and swim out pushing their bags along….
The boat was too far away to communicate with the captain so we asked someone that was being picked up to please ask the captain to pick us up the next day…
by gestures we got a yes and an aprox. time of 8 or 9am

We did’t plan to leave by boat so we didn’t have plastic bags to protect our belongings..

Luckily I found someone that was willing to exchange some plastic bags for sundried tomatoes! 🙂

Next day, we got up, broke camp, wrapped up our bags in the plastic bags and taped them with a little bit of tape Maureen has brought.


Now,  the boat is here and we need to swim
An angel out of nowhere comes to us, a fit guy
swimming and pushing the bags, helping us through
Maureen swims first,
then the bags are being pushed
then me swimming with the metal hiking pole!
and the waves would tumble us around
and I’m praying for the waves not to hit me hard so that the hiking pole wouldn’t stabbed me!

Again, I started to panic…
Maureen couched me from the boat
The captain took my hand  and pull me in the boat

Once there
I dropped in
and enjoyed mothers’ earth breath

I asked the captain about the caves we were passing by
he asked me:
would you like to explore them?
and so we did…

One of them felt as I if was inside of the MOUTH of Mama Pacha
I could feel the breath and could even see the tonsils!
so incredibly resembling a mouth!

The other one, the nostrils
We came in through one nostril came out of the other one.

The water so blue and spectacular!

I am
Forever grateful for the many teachings this experience brought to my soul.
Thank you Maureen,
thank you birds,
thank you to all the elements, the air, the waters, the earth, the wood.
Complete communion with all of it,
thank you ancestors,
thank you Creator…
Thank you

One comment

  1. Carmen

    No puedo evitar…mis lagrimas llenan mis ojos y corren lentamente al ritmo de esa musica que es identica a lo que podemos ver y sentir…esos momentos de vida…fueron momentos de dolor y encuentro con la escensiade la vida misma…mirar a travez de tus ojos me hace sentir la madre mas privilegiada del universo..Gracias Maria Alejandra por dejarme vivir estas experiencia en mi vida…el amor infinito llega a ti por la energia de Dios…

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