Out of kalalau – Kaui w/Maureen & Daniel

June 1st, 2011

The most intense, tragic & outrageously sad week of my life
my youngest brother, has died tragically.

I’m writing a few months later
the sadness is still and will always be there
a scar in the soul
questions unanswered
blames, what ifs, all the feelings and emotions, all together

My ego has been stripped to the very raw skin
what a gift you’ve given me brother
I’ll never be the same

On my way out of Kalalau, Maureen and I shared some time on the island,
then Daniel came over..
expanding business, enjoying a couple of days
here some of that experience before the event happened.

I thank God he was by my side when the news hit my soul
I thank God for this wonderful man

These are pictures of us, a day before the tragedy.


Glass beach

Not really a beautiful beach…more like a strange vibration  but worth checking out

IMG_3609 IMG_3615 IMG_3620 IMG_3618 IMG_3620 IMG_3622 IMG_3624 IMG_3629 IMG_3650 IMG_4701 IMG_4718——–

Water therapy

Queens Bath with Maureen

IMG_3583 IMG_3593 IMG_3598 IMG_3601 IMG_3603

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