October 5th, 2011

And here we are in Oahu,
with a list of galleries to visit and some fun in the planning as well

We stayed at Brian’s house for the first few days
a community house for artists
His room was the size of a standard bathroom
We slept in the couch
No ventilation, no windows, a very dark room
you couldn’t tell if it was daylight or nighttime and I couldn’t breath

We are grateful for the hospitality AND I’m not sure I can’t live like this for too much longer so we decided to camp

There is tons of camping grounds but
getting camping permits was extremely difficult

We had to go to the County Office in Downtown
deal with lots of traffic, go through security checks and deal with a very bitter office clerk to finally understand the politics!

This was the deal:
There were camping permits available but only on the west side of the island, a very dangerous / drug dealers / poor side of Oahu.

Even though the nice campgrounds look empty when we visit, there is nothing available for the next 3 weeks. You have to buy a camping permit for the whole week even if you are camping 1 day so if someone bought a permit for Sunday only, the whole week is booked even if they are not using the premises.

This is done because Oahu politics do not want people camping! I’m sure they get money from the hotels  so that people are forced to rent in hotels and spend their dollars that way!!

We ended up camping at a “private campground” at the North Shore.
It was really beautiful but far away from the business and market so it was a little challenging to commute but we had fun.

Galleries were hard to deal with, it’s such a different vibration!
We got 2 accounts and many rejects
We left grateful and at the same time disappointed
How come in an island that has so much money and it’s so busy and it’s the center of surfing, nobody was interested in Daniel’s waves?? Crazy!

It definitely made us appreciate our Big Island, with the Aloha always present, the openness and the easy lay back attitude.

We definitely live on the best island! , the Big Island of Hawai’i


Brian visits us at the camping ground



IMG_7613 IMG_7615 IMG_7620 IMG_7623 IMG_7635 IMG_7639 IMG_7650 IMG_7655 IMG_7657


Sunsets and beaches we visited

IMG_7673 IMG_7679 IMG_7688 IMG_7703 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7717 IMG_7720


IMG_7749 IMG_7757 IMG_7761

At the end of the road – North Shore – one of my favorite spots on Earth

IMG_7799 IMG_7807

IMG_7833 IMG_7848


Back at the camping ground with the chicken and Albert, the cat

IMG_7866 IMG_7875

IMG_7902 IMG_7930 IMG_7954 IMG_7974 IMG_8010 IMG_8056

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