Shipman Beach

June 2012

I was about to finish with my Medicinal Plants book project and there was one plant I was missing a picture of!  I needed that last picture to print the book… a picture of the “Turkey tail mushroom”. I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere so I let it go and decided to take a break. The plan and destination: Shipmen Beach.

We started hiking, and after a few yards in the path.. there it was!! The mushroom!!! and it was so beautiful .. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Oh so awesome…


The turkey tail Mushroom

IMG_6794 IMG_6776

we took the picture and continue along the gorgeous path…


IMG_6765 IMG_6823

Huge Mushroom IMG_6949

IMG_6877 IMG_6892 IMG_6899 IMG_6834 IMG_6863

The scary wild man!IMG_6878 IMG_7098 IMG_7100


Beautiful red roots


IMG_6918 IMG_6923 IMG_6925 IMG_7048

Plants growing through the lava cracks IMG_6968 IMG_7073 IMG_6981 IMG_7014


and so we arrived at Shipmen Beach….

The river flows into the ocean so there is a mix of warm and cold water that feels divine. There is underground fresh water bubbling up through the sand into the ocean and you can feel it with your feet! like jets in a jacuzzi! So unique and lovely…


The BIG footIMG_7178 IMG_7219 IMG_7208

Oh! and yes, the book… I finished it… and HERE is the link for you to see it!

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