Epic Journey to Waimanu Part 1

Epic Journey to Waimanu – The Valley of Many Waters

July 31st – August 8th, 2012

We’ve been packing, getting ready
our bags are about 45 pounds each!
Food for 7 days, camping gear, all we need and more

We head out to Honoka’a to Gloria’s house
she is taking us to the trail head and keeping our car at her house

It’s overcast and rainy
we pray for it to get better

Once at the lookout
we wait

for the Waipio valley to appear
Fog is all we see
Rain falls a bit

is it ever going to clear?
We plan on camping at a friend’s farm in Waipio
but the ground is wet and cold

It’s 3pm
we realized it wasn’t going to clear

Today was not the day to hike in
Spirit said “ come back another day”
we both heard the message
we listened
and the journey starts to unfold and twist into the unknown

Our egos were hurt
a sense of non-accomplishment accompanied us for a little while
we are aware
we recognize this
we laugh
go on and trust

We called Gloria from the paid phone
got picked up not knowing what was next

Getting some rain jackets in Hilo and going back home for the night?
We called Mark, Daniel’s friend. Mark has a house in Hamakua, just minutes away from the trailhead
He says “ I’m not home but please feel free to stay at my house”
No need to drive more than 2 hours home!

Hilo is our mandatory 1st stop
rain jackets are needed

Mark’s home next
We unpacked and re-packed
taking about 5 pound off each bag!
What a relief!

an unusual shot of tequila
a talk with the old time friend -glass blower, George
a warm shower and a cozy bed
in gratitude we stand

2 lovely cats and a 46 year old talking parrot
A good restful night
a peaceful morning with a walk to the river
we love and flow
like the river
we flow

at 10 am we were at Gloria’s house
ready to be taken to the lookout
today is the day

the sky is clear
the wind brings a sense of confidence
we walked down of the steep road to Waipio
soon we get picked up by some locals in the back of their truck
“you like some burn?”, the driver asked
we pass with a smile

saving a good mile and half of steep and muddy road

the river is gentle
fear is present but we walk
My mind says “ you are on your own”
my higher self, a louder voice says “No, you are not. I’m with you.

Contigo a mi lado
a quien temeré

and Osho says:

“In the beginning there is no difference between the coward and the courageous person. The only difference is, the coward listens to his fears, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead.
The courageous person goes into the unknown in spite of all fears”

The Muliwai trail a.k.a. the “Z trail”

The journey starts...

The journey starts…

0.2 miles of sand across Waipio Beach
1 mile of rocky uphills
2.8 miles of ups and down through valleys

We crossed about 7 rivers, 7 valleys
moist jungle, huge albizias and many iron wood forests
all so beautiful
all so magic.

Heli – Pad # 4 shows there is still 3.4 more miles to go
We started too late
it’s time to look for a place to camp

We are tired
very tired

A nice clearing on the overlook is shown to us
perfect spot to set camp
We eat cheese, read and rest

At 3am I woke up with pain in my left ovary
later on I realized in was really my intestines
here go again!
I stretched, pray and fell sleep again till 7am

By 9am we were down on the next valley
filtering some water
by 9:30am we were on track again

by noon, we could see the waterfalls, the river, Waimanu beach from the trail
all waiting for us!
so exciting!
but such a CRAZY steep trail down!

IMG_0621 IMG_0623 IMG_0628 IMG_0629 IMG_0633 IMG_0637

We arrived and walked all the way to the end of the beach

Took my clothes off
and jumped in the water!

the waves,
playful and strong…
yet gentle

the water,
at the perfect temperature!

the perfect massage after a long hike
the foam, the mist, the sound,
caressed, loved, embraced

THE BEST beach ever! IMG_0641 IMG_0654 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0667 IMG_0671

and the ocean took it within
as a witness
as a loving offering from us

IMG_0672 IMG_0677Back at camp
putting the tarp up challenges us
we tried many ways
we let it go
we try again
until we finally get it

Sundried tomatoes
Shitake mushrooms
yummy quinoa
Ahhh…. life is sweet!

Even a little cheating,
a little technology
we are guilty…

We got to watch a movie in our little Ipod screen
Oh! aren’t we blessed!

Clean water
a little effort yes, but just enough to make you appreciate it…

IMG_0679 IMG_0681 IMG_0686 IMG_0691 IMG_0694 IMG_0697 IMG_0701

Discovering the spring
the paths
the trails

dropping in
tuning out

we take baths in our inner being…

Walking on kukui nut shells
pieces of pig on the trail
the hunters have left a trace
we walk to the pristine waters of the Waimanu Muliwai ( the river – the stream)

IMG_0759 IMG_0781 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0810 IMG_0818 IMG_0824 IMG_0845

describing a place like this is like trying to describe God

is earthy and heavenly
is both gentle and powerful
is silent yet melodious
is experiential and personal
beyond words…

Muddy, steep but luscious trail
take us deep into the womb of the valley
take us deep into the healing water
IMG_0843 IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0871

Dan&w IMG_0874 IMG_0890 IMG_0895


IMG_0901 IMG_0903

IMG_0922 IMG_0953 IMG_0957 IMG_0965IMG_0985 IMG_1001 IMG_1015 IMG_1025



OUR temporary HOME – Dan’s arrangement

IMG_1074 IMG_1075 IMG_1076

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