2012 Moments with the kids

Precious little Sophie

Jan. 2012

IMG_0060 IMG_0069IMG_0072


March 2012

IMG_2252 IMG_2253

Hidden Beach

Circus Anniversary

IMG_1730 IMG_1732 IMG_1737 IMG_1739 IMG_1755 IMG_1756 —-

End of School Performance

IMG_4384 IMG_4397 IMG_4400 IMG_4403 IMG_4409 IMG_4425 IMG_4441

Circus camp June 2012

IMG_7328 IMG_7330 IMG_7361 IMG_7364 IMG_7368 IMG_7371 IMG_7378 IMG_7403 IMG_7416 IMG_7419 IMG_7434



IMG_0611 IMG_0612

Malia’s paintingsIMG_5640

Sophia’s paintings



Beauty on its maximum expression!IMG_7287 IMG_7290 IMG_7294 IMG_7295 IMG_7297 IMG_7302 IMG_7303 IMG_7311 IMG_7313 IMG_8951 IMG_8955 IMG_8957 IMG_8960

Playing with Dad’s old car collection

IMG_0131 IMG_0134

Christmas 2012

IMG_5913 IMG_5922 IMG_5946 IMG_5953 IMG_5958 IMG_5964 IMG_5991

IMG_5981 IMG_5982

IMG_5981 IMG_5982

Sophia’s B-day Celebration at School

IMG_6043 IMG_6048 IMG_6055 IMG_6057 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6061 IMG_6069 IMG_6072 IMG_6083 IMG_6095 IMG_6097


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