Hula Halau’s offerings to pele

The many amazing opportunities Pele offers.

We live with her
We breath her
She feeds us from the abundance that comes from sharing her beauty through our Art

She is so Powerful yet we feel so safe around her.

Pele, sweet Pele how much we love living near you.

IMG_8423 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8431 IMG_8435 IMG_8438 IMG_8441 IMG_8446 IMG_8448 IMG_84504:00 am hiked to the flow
6:30 am Helicopters descending from the sky to drop off the Hula Halau
Mick Kelber, our friend and videographer invited us that day ( Thank you Mick!)
He was filming the Hula Halau for his movie and wanted to share with us

What  an amazing opportunity, such graze, such beauty

IMG_8479 IMG_8480

IMG_8681 IMG_8512 IMG_8513 IMG_8516 IMG_8524 IMG_8539IMG_8570 IMG_8574 IMG_8578

IMG_8599 IMG_8613 IMG_8618 IMG_8625


IMG_8686 IMG_8687 IMG_8694

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