Our wedding ceremony – Bali – April 2013

Ganesh, remover of obstacles, we invoke you here today and ask you to open the doors for us to walk the path of infinite possibilities and fortune.
Lakshmi, the embodiment of love, from which devotion to God flows from, we invoke you here today. Goddess Lakshmi, we welcome your gifts of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, courage, abundance, well-being, generosity and the embodiment of beauty grace and charm ( both material and spiritual)

All Christ frequencies, Holy Mother Mary, we invite you and ask you for your support to activate the cells within our beings so that we always vibrate at the highest frequency and unified with the One.

20130422-Wedding 126 20130422-Wedding 127

Welcoming Copal smudging

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025Wedding 053nWedding 044n
Spirits of the East, land of the Rising Sun, of Air, the winds. Of new beginnings each day. We welcome the breath of Life that comes from the element of Air. The color is Red, the color of beginnings, passion, blood, life itself. The Animal is the Eagle which flies higher than any other bird. It is the energy that allows us to see things from a big perspective, objective and with clear eyes. We bless you and ask for our wisdom with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the East.

20130422-Wedding 047Spirit of the South, the element of Fire, Creation and inspiration, the warm breath. Ignite our hearts with love. The place for change and transformation. The color is Yellow. The Animal is the Coyote, which is the keeper of funny stories. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessings with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the South.

Spirit of the West, the land of the setting sun, the darkness, the unknown, the mystery, the nurturing sleep, the place for meditation and reflection. The color is Black. It represents the element of Water. The animal is the Bear. Bear dreams the greatest dreams because he sleeps longer than anyone. The power of the Bear is the power of introspection. The answers to all questions lies within us. In the darkness is the knowledge of everything sacred. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessings here today. Please join us, Spirit of the West. .

Spirit of the North, place of stillness. The color is White. Place of thankfulness for the knowledge and blessings that have come to us with time. It reminds us that we are to use the “every day” to the best of our talents and gifts. The animal is the Mountain Lion, the keeper of independence and purity through inner and outer strength. Mountain Lion walk the boundaries of the earth and take only what it needs. The energy of the Mountain Lion is that of rising the young playfully but with great purpose.
We bless you and ask for your wisdom & blessings here today. Please join us, Spirit of the North.

Spirit of Mother Earth, Feminine energy that supports us each day. Earth is where we honor the marriage of Creation. The sacred womb. Gravity. The pull to come together. Community. She who nurtures and guides us finding sustenance and support. The healing herbs, medicinal plants, the composting of all. Earth is fertility, abundance, grounding, thankfulness, gratitude in our hearts. We honor and welcome the divine powers of the Mother Earth.

Wedding 060n
Spirit of Father Sky, the Masculine Energy, the one who gently guide us and loves us. The countless starts of the night reminds us that you are vast, beautiful and majestic beyond all of our knowing and understanding. Your light shines upon the Earth both day and night guiding our steps. Father Sky with all the bounty of rain and sun that gives us life. He is the mate who brings Mother Earth to be the the other half of his ability to create Life.

We welcome and honor the wisdom of father Sky


We are honored to call on our Ancestors and give great thanks for the symbols and the signs that you have left along the way. Thank you for guiding us on our path to union with all that is.

We call our parents, children, brothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and animal companions.

We call the energy of within, the here and now, the present moment being the most important of our lives. The place of union and reverence. We are grateful for this love that guides gift of life and for the love that guides our way. We honor both the divine masculine and the divine feminine within. We call on those connected with sacred union, Goddess and God, Magdalene and Christ, Pacha mama and Wiracocha, Shakti and Shiva. Krsna and Radhe.


The leis, the embracing of the rings…. the circles we create



20130422-Wedding 08620130422-Wedding 07520130422-Wedding 081

Wedding 088nWedding 073n118

Sacred Mysterious Love Potion

and cut the veil and entered into a NEW World of possibilities

20130422-Wedding 121 20130422-Wedding 122 20130422-Wedding 12320130422-Wedding 130


20130422-Wedding 134

Wedding 136n Wedding 140n Wedding 143nWedding 142n Wedding 147n Wedding 178n Wedding 182n Wedding 190n Wedding 194n Wedding 200n Wedding 211n20130422-Wedding 22720130422-Wedding 222229Wedding 215nWedding 226n

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