Restrospective of Randomness- Hawaii 2013

Green Jade

Green Jade


There are those moments I capture with my camera

special trips, events, adventures…

I love that… AND

there is more… Oh so much more !


There is growth

there is life

and friends who I connect with

and new people I touch every day

and new people I meet

and old friends

at a B&B in Kona

at a B&B in Kona


There is the “every day”

the “behind the scenes”

when I cook and hula hoop

when I bleed and I read

when I help others build their dreams – when I build mine

where I bathe my cats and I sing out loud


Those moments of pain, of intense living, of screaming so loud and feeling deeply

Those moments when I love GOD

Exotic flower in Volcano

Exotic flower in Volcano

God as in the flowers, birds… and the so MANY amazing shapes of leaves!

when I smell the rain and dislike the wind that makes me sneeze 1000 times!

when I bike, do yoga and stretch my mind

when I do my nails and try on neon colors just because colors are fun!

There is more, much much more

those moments when I pray and I’m heard

when I heal,

when I heal more and

keep healing – layer after layer after layer – peeling to the core


Those moments when I clean, Oh! so much I clean

when I shop for food and try new exciting recipes just because it is fun to have this tongue!

Driving in Kona Rainbow

Driving in Kona Rainbow

when I fast and drink only coconut water for days and days

When I harvest, seed and weed my garden


Being witnessed by Spirit, this planet, this land, by my own self

I am witnessing

 I’m proud of all my choices because they’ve come from courage, from my heart, from my Higher Self

and when they don’t or haven’t

I’m thrilled that I am able to recognize it and re-direct it

I like thinking this in MY ONLY life –

so that I can make this life, THE life I came to live

Aloha Ke akua (the breath of life and the love of God)

One of my favorite “local” singers: Kaahele (Concert of 1st Friday Hilo – Kava Bar)


My favorite videos of hers

Kaahele – If I wanted to

Silly funny stuff

Kaahele – You let yourself go

DRIVING IN OPIHIKAO – Beautiful Piggy on the Road


Such sparkly beauty – Beach 69 with Dan


My hose was leaking on a hot day… and this toad was loving it!

IMG_7106 IMG_7107



At the end of each glass blowing session, Dan always reserves a day for us to play! This is so much fun, playing with colors, making gifts, ornaments, drinking glasses, things for our home, exploring techniques… and Nube comes and sits in the chair for hours just watching…until she finally crashes.




A concert I manifested in Hawaii (by inviting them via email! )






IMG_0345 IMG_0346


A early morning walk in the neighborhood and through my garden

(with my Beloved)

IMG_7286 IMG_7297 IMG_7311 IMG_7317 IMG_7339 IMG_7347 IMG_7364 IMG_7369 IMG_7371 IMG_7380 IMG_7382 IMG_7384 IMG_7391


Memories 2013


The evolution of our transportation (from headaches to total Bliss)

Vanagon Westfalia Volskwagen (1982)


IMG_5817 IMG_5821


Passat Wagon Volskwagen (2003)

2013- end of 2013



Brand new December 2013 – Toyota Scion XB



At Coco beach with my sweet friend Sarah and her boy at the time, Lawrence. They rented our home while we went to Bali and took care of our kitties. These guys were awesome!

IMG_4304 IMG_4307 IMG_4320 IMG_4322


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