My 37th B-day – Waipio

May 13th, 2014

Our celebration plan was to go to a place we’ve never been before and adventure. Daniel’s suggestion was to hike into Waipio valley. We’ve been in Waipio before but never hiked IN the valley. The idea sounded so good, I couldn’t say no.

The morning of my birthday, things didn’t seem to go as planned. Stone, Dan’s friend who had agreed to do the carpooling for him, had emailed us this morning to say he couldn’t. Dan has to go pick up the kids. We can’t hike today. Oh well. It is kind of the same energy as the day I was born.  For sure things didn’t go as planned back then, 37 years ago… ha!

So we decided to do some yoga  that morning and by noon we were at Kehena beach. It was the funnest time I’ve ever had at Kehena ever!!!! Thank you ALILA, HOLLY, DAVID and my beloved Daniel for so much fun, laughter and giggles… rolling around with the waves was incredibly fun. 

Thanks so much to my friend Susana for my 3 month subscription to YogaGLO.. I love it!!!

Dan picked up Malia from school that afternoon. By 4pm we were driving to Hilo to get some food for hiking the next day. By 7pm we were in the old town of Honoka’a eating pizza!

Spent the night at the “Hotel Honoka’a Club”, a historic very old building. The day before, after Dan had made the reservations I read the reviews online – they were not good, or to best describe them, horrible. We kinda got worried but the reservation was made and paid already – no cancellations. It was ok though… It was old, yes… but clean. Comfortable bed…and we only needed to sleep so it was just perfect for our needs.

I brought my ukulele and Dan, his guitar. We practiced a song we’ve been working on: Give me love from George Harrison… FUN. Then we hugged really tight and slept deliciously.

The view from the room in the morning was sooooo beautiful. Huge window – Ocean view – gorgeous sunrise – birds – It was so perfect. Some vulnerable conversation in the morning opened our hearts to more trust and love than ever. We felt open and energized- ready to hike.


Taro fields

Untitled_Panorama1IMG_9883 IMG_9888 IMG_9890

Thank you Dan for such a treat – waking up to a gorgeous view of Waipio Ocean – Exploring the many rivers, waterfalls, sharing space with wild horses and taro fields…


the tallest waterfall of Hawaii – about 1,450 feet tall


IMG_9895 IMG_9897 IMG_9904 IMG_9919


Funny sign – Gotta SLOW down – Ha!IMG_9922 IMG_9935

Eucalyptus treeIMG_9957 IMG_9965

The Waves We Give – Beautiful Chorus

‘Be like water, my friend.
You shall find a way around, or through it.
When nothing within us stays rigid,
We decide the shape we’re in.

Empty your mind.
Be shapeless, formless; like water.
It can flow or it can crash.
And we design the waves we give.’

IMG_9972 IMG_9974 IMG_9976 IMG_9977 IMG_9978 IMG_9980


What it seemed like an altar or an offering to the Gods.

IMG_9986Note the papaya was exposed yet no bugs, no ants. We hang out here for a while. There was nobody around. It felt very mysterious, this place. Note the water jug open, sacred objects, fruits as offerings.

IMG_9988 IMG_9989 IMG_9991


Perfect spot for a picnicIMG_0009 IMG_9996


Mango tongue


Taro fields

IMG_0046 IMG_0056


Pure silliness

IMG_0034 1 2 IMG_0041(2)IMG_0057

This story would be incomplete if I didn’t revealed my hidden yet profound concern about this valley. We had a great time and at the same time something felt a little ungrounding. Some of the water from the taro fields that was pouring into the river smelled SUPER chemical! and it was so hot! almost boiling…What is this?? I was walking with a bit of weight in my heart. If my suspicions were right, this is really awful as all this chemicals are going into the main body of water, the ocean.

Hummm… isn’t this interesting. Going through the same kind of situation at home with our neighbor wanting to chemicalized our water tank!

What is the Universe telling me?

I’m thankful for this day, this experience, I feel joyful AND I  feel pain. Can’t avoid it.

Back at home that night I had a magical dream where I was shown a beautiful image of transformation and a clear message about the battle of good and evil and the importance of keeping the ocean clean for future generations.

and… I don’t know what to do?? Apparently some Hawaiians have been putting chemicals on these taro fields for decades! what if I get involve with this? Would I create consciousness around it? or would they attack me ? I’m afraid.

I just pray that he best answer would come to me. … I feel as if I am witnessing my mother being raped and I judge myself for doing nothing about it. I guess I can pray… would that be enough? Masaru Emoto would say yes.. but I’m guessing he would add “ALL of us need to pray in Unison”  so please join me as this can not be taken lightly.


IMG_0061 IMG_0063




We gave an apple to the wild mare. She loved it so much, she started drooling! She ate the apple in 3 bites. She had something weird happening in her right eye. It kept twitching. We thought she might be blind in that eye? I was standing on her right side. She gave me a clear warning that felt very scary…. she didn’t kick me… thank god! but almost…




Playing with a car that rolled off of of the road to Waipio years ago.

IMG_0119the  IMG_0124 IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0133 IMG_0137After so much hiking, sweating and exhaustion we jumped in the ocean – HUGE playful waves today! so powerful yet so gentle…DCIM100GOPRO

DCIM100GOPRO Feeling so grateful for Daniel’s heart, generosity, patience and authenticity… I feel so loved. Thank you Great Spirit for this life, this body! the Sunny day and then the rain, so refreshing. Thank you for sending those angels/people that offered to give us a ride up to the Lookout .. so perfect! Thank you Mother for being open to carrying me in your womb to be born here on this planet… Mahalo Big Island… so much gratitude!

This has been one of the most memorable, amazing Birthdays ever… I feel soooo loved! Amen!


  1. Carmen

    Inspiracion maxima para la vida misma…sin poder evitarlo al escuchar la musica las lagrimas brotaron de inmeditao..son maravillosos…Dios los bendiga

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