My 37th B-day – Temple Tuesday

May 24th, 2014


with the council of wise sisters: Barbara, Jan, Audrey, Debbie, Patricia and me.

IMG_0211 IMG_0215 IMG_0223 IMG_0240 IMG_0242

Process – Beautiful Chorus

Allow and be open, begin with – one step.
Moment to moment, envision – the journey,
the process.

IMG_0246 IMG_0251 IMG_0268 IMG_0271 IMG_0274 IMG_0282


Lilikoi cheese cake by Patricia Matter IMG_0283


Lychee filled with cream cheese and walnuts! by BarbaraIMG_0284 IMG_0293


Some B-day cards to remember


You are the things you love. You are your favorite music. You are your hopes and dreams. You are the size of your heart and your capacity to endure. You are your passions and the things that make you come alive. You are the jokes that make you laugh and the words that soothe your soul. You are the way you treat the people around you. You are everything and anything that moves you. You are what your bring to the world. You are a force of friendship and love. You are a warrior and a survivor. And no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you have been through, you are important

and you matter.

Daniell Koepke


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