Camping at Ho’okena with Sitka

May 30th 2014

When the cats are away, the mouse play.

Daniel was leading the Man Kind initiation weekend at Hawaiian Sanctuary from Thursday to Sunday! so I decided to go camping at Ho’okena.

A few days before I had an acupuncture session on Kidneys and Adrenals. This brought up a bunch of fears all of a sudden… but I could see – it was coming from the stimulation of these organs. I made a stretch with my women’s group. I was determined to camp even if my friend Sitka, who I had invited – wouldn’t come with me.

Sitka kept emailing me with doubts about the weather. I had no concerns about the weather. I was determined to unplug from it all and plug into mamma ocean.

We left early morning, got some food and arrived to Ho’okena around 2pm. We set camp and jumped in the water!


I borrowed Daniel’s car as mine was too small to fit all the camping stuff.

We found only a couple of people camping at the campground. Fantastic!

It was a very different experience for me to camp with Sitka. Dan and I go to sleep around 8pm. This woman is awake until late night…We sang songs, drank Kava and had a great time though. I had a bit of a hard time sleeping the first night. Sitka was very sweet and comforting until I fell sleep again!

Our snorkel masks were not the best but we managed to snorkel a bit. Sitka much more than I did… but enough for me to get some good shots of some magnificent Honus ( turtles )



On our way back, Sitka asked me if we could go to Kealakekua Bay. I really didn’t care much about driving there but I said yes to her. We got there and I decided to stay by the shore enjoying the breeze, the sun and taking some photos. She set on an adventure swimming a long distance with the intention of finding dolphins to swim with.

An hour later, she had given up – no signs of dolphins. Right before we were about to leave the bay, we saw some dolphins in the distance!. I couldn’t really stay longer and Sitka was very resistant to leaving without experiencing the dolphins. She was making funny noises  and whining… she finally got in the car and we left.

She was unhappy for quite some time. I could have gotten into my shadow “Nothing I do is enough” but I knew that wasn’t true. “I’ve done more than enough” – I drove her to where she wanted to go, I happily waited for her for a long time – I drove to Kona and from Kona. I packed and unpacked ALL camping gear from and to Home. Right before we left, she committed to clean the car with me the next day. No signs of her once we got to Puna so I had to clean it all myself.  I’m not buying into my shadows – I AM aware of it –  I did A LOT, I gave enough. I am enough. This is a test to my awareness. I got A+ … Ha!

This was the perfect catalyst for me to bring more light into my shadow! 🙂


 Kealakekua Bay IMG_0772


I love Sitka and I loved our trip together. Thanks for the company buddy! I could not have as much fun as I did without you. IMG_0808 IMG_0824 IMG_0838 IMG_0844


Missing my Daniel



On the way home through Saddle Road

We listened to Beautiful Chorus. Sitka introduced them to me that day. I love them now!

IMG_0854 IMG_0859



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