Kilauea Iki & Pu’u Loa trail for good bye

 Sept. 29th, 2014

The June 27th lava flow towards Pahoa is pushing people to “clean the house” and make some changes. Every single person is having to look at their lives carefully and pull the weeds for new stuff to grow. We’ve had 4 major garage sales and got rid of a bunch of stuff. We are uncertain of what is to happen if the lava was to cross the highway and cut us off from Hilo so we are getting ready for any event.

Malia came back from Ashland a few months ago with desires of moving there. She is almost 14 now and is definitely needing some more educational challenge and stimulation.

The flowing lava, schools closing and the potential of inhaling more smoke and toxic fumes have been the final push. They are moving to Ashland, OR.

We are uncertain on what the future holds for us but for now we are just waiting and witnessing all of these events with an open heart.

We’ll miss the girls for sure and  we think, at this moment in time that what they wish, moving to OR, might be the best.

Here, we hike the Kilauea Iki trail together:

IMG_9490 IMG_9492 IMG_9493 IMG_9499 IMG_9501 IMG_9513 IMG_9516 IMG_9519

Sophia making her funny facesIMG_9520

Gem Stones found on the lava


Just like dad


IMG_9537 IMG_9642


 – Pu’u Loa hike – Petroglyphs

IMG_9731 IMG_9740 IMG_9759 IMG_9761 IMG_9778 IMG_9793 IMG_9794 IMG_9797 IMG_9807 IMG_9813 IMG_9816 IMG_9817 IMG_9832


Drive to the end Chain of Craters Road – Gorgeous ocean action

IMG_9839 IMG_9840 IMG_9859 IMG_9870 IMG_9879


View of the Halema’uma’u crater that night


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