Pele flows – Surrender & sweat lodge

Oct. 6th, 2014

Walking on the turning wheel of the Earth, living under the ever-rotating Sun, man expect a peaceful life”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

We live in an ever expanding – ever changing Universe – with its many galaxies… We live on this planet! where everything is constantly changing, in a body where every cell constantly replaces itself, where natures shows us the only constant: change.Yet, the collective (me and the rest) get so boxed in the mind thinking that what we have is permanent. Such a joke!

We love what we have therefore it must remain. Yet, there is a bigger law that our small thinking, the law of evolution. Sure I can stay in one place in life and grow and expand in many ways…but my bigger self wants to expand so big, consciousness wants to experience so much more.

I only have this life – this life to experience what I came here to experience.

When I tune into my truth, my soul’s purpose, why I came to this planet and my choices before I was even conceive, I know I came here to experience the beauty of this planet.. to document it and feed back my perspective to the Universe. I chose a mother that was a gypsy. We traveled so much and I got to experience and witness so many different situations.

Then I chose steadiness for 7 years, experiencing self in different ways. I learned tools on those 7 years that empowered me in ways I could not anywhere else: Another language, a US citizenship for more freedom, a profession, a deep knowing of deep patterns and lots of healing. Then my gypsy self took on other adventures traveling for a while on my own until I made it to Hawaii.

Big Island of Hawaii, with the most active volcano in the world!

Puna with dramatic ocean waters.. with a community that has allowed to grow and push me into places I never thought they existed. I’ve learned about healthy boundaries, shadow work, about self- empowering, self love, about art, about my sexuality, about self-worth, kundalini awakenings, pleasure, commitment, integrity, forgiveness.

We have a nice setting, a beautiful home, a free life, wonderful friends, our own glass blowing studio next to our home, a massage studio, fresh air, ocean, great food, gardens… AND things are shaking and shifting. Pele, the goddess of this land is pushing for CHANGE once again.

She is flowing towards Pahoa, the nearest town, attempting to cross the only road that connects us to the rest of the island. Sure, the government is working diligently to open alternative roads. Sure, we can get supplies by boat if anything… Sure, we can be more self-sustainable.. yet, the questions is can we really thrive in that type of situation? I can garden more, trade, etc… but I can’t really go to the airline and say: ” I have 20 coconuts and a bunch of salad greens… can you trade me for a ticket”?

I love this planet, this land AND I also love prosperity… for the right reasons.. so we’ll see how we flow with her flow..

We are getting fumes and smoke – waking up in the middle of the night coughing and hurting in the throat… and she hasn’t even get to the ocean yet… ! where she seems to be flowing with determination… that’s when the fumes will be really intense…


We are sweating our prayers with friends in sweat lodge ceremonies, dancing, drumming, making offerings, gratitude, praying to Kali, doing Pujas to release the fear of death (aka “change”) yet she is going to do what she is going to do and the changes will happen  whether we like it or not.

Dan and I are grieving the change, making space and embracing the new … and it’s like a birth. It hurts but we trust and understand that if we live in our truth, if we are to embrace life with all its turns and turns .. if we are to ride the wave, we need to let go of control. Consciousness is expressing and pushing us to grow even more now. We are planning, listening to predictions and thinking we know.. and then we understand that all we really need is flexibility and courage.

Mauna Loa, the other volcano here, has been dormant for years! and it starting to rumble again ! What in incredible experience yet so intimidating at the same time..

We can see the glow of Kilauea from our lanai – the lava heading towards Pahoa. The aerial photos during the day show the burning of the forest yet the glow shows so much more – a deep internal process.


View of the lava flow from our Lanai

IMG_6745 IMG_6759 For the Polynesians, Pele is the goddess of fire, wind and lighting. She came with the winds a few months ago with Iselle, the hurricane. Then, she shows up flowing slowly but surely and last night the lighting was incredible! It woke us up… beautiful and intense… she is.

It definitively has made us re-think and plan what needs to change so that we live more in tune with Nature. Dan and I have sat together many times to process and write down SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). Things we need to do in order to work, live and play in this planet in a way that’s more Earth Loving. Yes, even more.

 “Understanding destruction as an exquisite and essential element of life, this is not the tender feminine, this is tough love to the core. This is purification by fire.”

This is us, trying to get to the lava before the government put out a “trespassing fine” of $20,000! to anyone who dare to get close to the lava…  I love this man of mine! It was an scary but exciting adventure …

IMG_5614 IMG_5616

Offerings to PeleIMG_5621 IMG_5623 IMG_5624 IMG_5609 IMG_5628 IMG_5631


Magical Sweat lodge

Here, we pray, we cry, we set intentions.. we return to the womb, naked, still in the darkness, deprivation of senses, the heat, the water, the steam, the sweat… the conversations with Pele, with Spirit with Mother Earth, with each other. Intimate, united, surrendering of the small self into the higher self.

We build the structure together, we build the fire together, we welcome the grandfather lava rocks, the water.. we feel their intensity and their purpose in this moment in time.



IMG_0122 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0138 IMG_0147 IMG_0155 IMG_0162 IMG_0171 IMG_0176


More views of the lava from our lanai

She is coming through. She expands, stops, contracts, inflate, deflate and back all over again.. I’m learning through her example that those cycles are natural within me. I’m part of Nature, of Pele, of Pachamama.

IMG_6782 IMG_6820



View of the lava from Robert Kent’s tower

(to the left what we think is the Pu’u O’o vent)

IMG_7389 IMG_7403 IMG_7407


  1. Carmen

    waooo mi niña me encanto esta pagina…te felicito ademas las fotos te quedaron super bellas…que lndo… musica ta,bien es la apropiada , me traslada ahi a ese momento…que bello el fuego que prepararon entre todos los hombres y la choza…me sorpendio…fue que senti realmente lo que estaba mirando…gracias santita por compartir esas fotos.

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