Sattva Center – India

March 8th, 2015

Jenn, Catie and I scheduled a taxi for 11am. We were late for 15 min. because of Chai tea morning indulgence. The taxi man got very upset and left. Anna, the woman from the guest house, kept calling different taxi companies and no one was available. Apparently is a bit far where we are going and not such a good road.

Chai tea at “The Office” with Jennifer that morning

IMG_3943 Jenn walked down the hill from the guest house to get us a taxi, picked up Catie in LaxMan Jhula and then picked me up and our luggage. Super diligent and effective this woman! Everything turned to be a bit more time than expected but it ended up being just perfect!. We were one the first ones to arrive to the center. Catie and I got a nice room. We unpacked our stuff and waited for our beloved teacher, Kia.

The welcoming Sky at Sattva Center
While everybody was getting settled, I went to the Spa and had an amazing Ayurvedic treatment. It started with a head massage, then laying on a wooden table, bathed! and I mean bathed! by 2 women in warm ayurvedic oil for for 1 hr.  They would pour the warm oil on my chest, on top of my ovaries, liver.. wow! what a treat! Then, I got to have a vapor room session, shower and then dinner with everybody!

IMG_3961IMG_3964 The ride to the center was a bit sketchy but all roads in India are.. really.  The location is great! The view of our room is that of the river. This is India of course so the rooms were not super clean or the bathrooms.. but better than any other place around for sure. This is actually luxury and I’m enjoying it. We don’t have a proper shower head so our showers for the next 25 days will be out of a bucket. Ok for me. Washing clothes by hand in the bucket and letting them dry in the room is what we’ll be doing as laundry service here doesn’t seem to be reliable… and again, this is India and its charming nature.

The yoga room is beautiful! and big.. the gardens, with lots of colorful flowers. The pool, in my point of view not-usable. Water not disinfected, green and moldy at times.. I don’t like pools no big deal.. and it’s cold!!! so cold these few days, specially at night time and when getting up for Sadhana at 5am. I give thanks for my new pleasure: Angora wool socks! Wow! really.. it’s like sleeping with 2 Angora rabbits by my feet all night! Warm, velvety soft and cozy!

Pictures of the Center, yoga studio, etc on next blog. For now, I just settle, take it easy and rest the camera mind.

– A short lunch time walk with Catie –

by the Himalayas mountains that surrounds the Sattva Center.

Ancient OM symbol on the bridge


Catie Ma!IMG_3959

Sunday morning walk by the river – first day “off”

IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4011 IMG_4013

View from the bridge to the Sattva center on the right side of the river. Orange building is the Spa.IMG_4020 IMG_4024 IMG_4026 IMG_4039 IMG_4052 IMG_4062

In town that day with Catie – exploring a bit  IMG_4078 IMG_3938 Om door Om door2 Catie

Another lunch break by the river with my Venezuelan sister, Adi – laying by the rock in the distance and my silly Canadian friend, Catie.

IMG_4292 IMG_4283 IMG_4284


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