Vashistha Cave adventure

April 1st

2 buses, 28 people, 1hr dive each way.. I felt car sick, had to stop the car and breathe or puke..! Someone gave me some minty chewing gum and that helped.

We went down more than 200 steps to reach the cave from main road. The cave was incredibly amazing. Going in was sooo fascinating, the smell of the earth, moist and pungent.. the darkness of the pathway.. and then sitting there, in the cave… meditating.. with such absolute silence, it was so loud all of the sudden, the silence.. so so loud for so long..

We were there for a little while and then we went out at sat by the river for a Satsang with Anand. Such blissful day!

The rock everybody wants a picture with!

IMG_5111 IMG_5116 IMG_5073 IMG_5118 IMG_5130 IMG_5140 IMG_5145 IMG_5072

All of US


Team Sattva with our teacher, Kia. IMG_5095

The beauty of the pink rocks of Ganga

IMG_5148 IMG_5149



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