Post yoga training – Rishikesh & Haridwar

April 2nd through April 12th, 2015

We finished our Radiant Body yoga teacher training today. We had Sadhana early morning, as usual, and then we had a wonderful graduation circle/ritual. It was so sweet and I was so touched by everybody’s vulnerability. We all expressed our gratitude and our heartfelt love toward our teachers, each other, Spirit and all. (photos on my blog for the yoga training).


Adri, Wati, Catie and I took a taxi to a hotel called Nirvana. We drop off all of our stuff and went for a walk. We’ve been pretty much secluded for the last days so the noise of cars and the ever so loud and uninterrupted honking horns were way too overwhelming.

From all over the world, we unite

photo 4

Catie has been going back and forth with her decision whether she stays in Rishikesh or go to Nepal.. The final word I heard was that we were staying together and exploring the surrounding areas for a few days. Now, she has decided to go to Nepal all of the sudden. It’s totally understandable. We’ve been activating our subtle body so much for the last few days that all sounds, energy, people seems a bit too much.

I’m feeling mostly grief, a sweet grief.. for saying good bye to all these beautiful people I’ve come to know so deeply. A sweet grief for this training to be done and the amazing yoga sessions that I enjoyed so much. Now the ball is in my court. The yummy yoga sessions I will create, own, integrate and then share. The friendship I will keep watering, cultivating and giving my love to so they grow and flower ever so fragrant.

The sweetness of grief..

I’m transferring to Ganga Vatika tomorrow morning, where I stayed my first few days. It is much quieter and nicer there. I can’t possibly take any decisions at the moment as I’m slowly moving into integration of it all.

Lunch with the gals at Ramana’s Cafe

Ramana’s Cafe is home to over 60 at risk children and a free English medium school for over 160 students from Ramana’s Garden and local underprivileged families. The school provides classes from kindergarten to eighth grade.

They have organic gardens tended by the kids and the food and deserts, simply amazing and served by the kids!

IMG_5517 IMG_5531 IMG_5520 IMG_5533 IMG_5535 IMG_5537 IMG_5522 IMG_5526



Tons of colorful dressed women walking on the streets between the bridges every day.




Things that captured my attentionIMG_5576 IMG_5636 IMG_5615 IMG_5649 IMG_5612 IMG_5654 IMG_5657 IMG_5662 IMG_5667

Shiva / Shakti



Gorgeous and very clever!

IMG_5514 IMG_5623

4 nights at Ganga Vatika Guest House was really good to ground. Now I was ready to experience something else.

I left my suitcase at Ganga V. , took only my backpack with a few clothes and booked 3 nights at Parmath Niketan Ashram.

Instead of walking through the bridge, like I’ve always done, I decided to take the boat. 10 Rupees (15 cents) and I was on for the ride. It is just a quick fun one… Most people take it, just for fun.. Indian tourist love it..

After this first time, I started taking the boat more often, when wanting to cross the bridge. Quite sweet.. Lots of kids always asking me to take pictures with them. They would gather around, hug me while others took pictures of us.. kinda weird… but fun.

IMG_5591 IMG_5577 IMG_5580 IMG_5581 IMG_5582
Now at Parmath, I must admit that when I opened the door of my new room, I found it to be quite a contrast from where I’ve been staying. I expected that but not quite this much. This room was ugly, no sheets but just a red cover on top, super hard bed, super low ceilings, dirty bathrooms, no ventilation.. well, the Ashram life I guess. Nothing like the rooms they gave us when we came with Kia. I looked at my aversions and my attachments to beauty and comfort. very quickly and attentively. I was in for the experience so I stayed and I had a really good time, actually.

The room was very affordable of course and it included 3 meals… I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Being right in front of the Ganga and being able to attend to the Ganga Aarti every sunset was very special.The music was incredible beautiful, the tabla players, the singers, the chorus of people singing Kirtan. I would always get in some sort of trance and my mindset very clear.

IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5951

I was intending to take a picture of Hanuman and then this girl was just there and it was just so perfect. LOVE this pic! IMG_5949

More of Rishikesh uniqueness.

IMG_5607 IMG_5608

A few fun facts about India.. or Rishikesh, I must say:

** The height of each step on any stair, is never the same.. there is no standard. When walking down the stairs, it feels so weird.. good for training the mind to stepping into the unknown. You never know how deep the next step is going to feel like.

** the height of the toilets is not standard either so when sitting on them, something it would look like I’m squatting and sometimes my feet will be very far from the floor, hanging in the air.

** You must make friends with the flies. They are everywhere. You must learn to not care when they lay on you after laying on the cow’s poop. It’s just the way it is, no matter how much fidgeting you get in your body to avoid them.

** If you have boobies and you normally wear bras with no much support, you are in trouble. Your boobies will bounce 1000 times when riding on any vehicle.. rickhsaws, taxi, bikes, horse trolls.. almost no road are asphalted and when they are, the pot holes are numerous and huge.

** Most women have frown faces but as soon as look into their eyes and smile at them, the frown instantly disappear and they shine their smile at you.

** The Spanish “R” comes handy here! You got to roll your “R’s” for a lot of words or they won’t understand what you are saying..


Babas or ascetics – those who practice the abstinence of all forms of  indulgence

IMG_5721 IMG_5722

IMG_5926 IMG_5724 IMG_5727 IMG_5732

One of the many altars inside the stores

IMG_5998 IMG_5999


IMG_5900 IMG_5974


Ganga Aarti

IMG_5941 IMG_5947 IMG_5765 IMG_5763 IMG_5741 IMG_5751 IMG_5754 IMG_5738 IMG_5762

My favorite type of monkey and mankind.

IMG_5968 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5500  —

Feeding bananas to the Monkeys and meeting Ladu Baba.

IMG_5986 IMG_5988 IMG_5989

This man was the sweetest Baba ever. He was a very successful jeweler, then quit and opened an Ashram, then quit and now wonders around.. just being.. I loved meeting this man. I ran into him many times after this. He walked miles with me and sat by my side at the Ganga Aarti  singing mantras ever so enthusiastically. His english was very good and even have an email and a Facebook account that he uses to spread the love whenever he gets a chance!

Beatles Ashram – juts a few minutes walk from Parmath N. Ashram.

IMG_5773 IMG_5775 IMG_5782

At first it was kind of scary to walk through such a large piece of land… with ruins and little crevices conducive for someone to be hiding.. Then, I tuned into the amazing land, walking where the Beatles walked many times in the past..  the energy that hold, the peace that exudes.. just nature sounds.. it was so refreshing. Tons of different exotic birds, even a beautiful healthy deer I saw.. ! The murals were ok.. they were nice but not original art from that time.. so it was ok. Pretty but not from that time so it felt almost alien.

IMG_5800 IMG_5804 IMG_5809 IMG_5802 IMG_5811

Great architecture. I agree with my friend Catie, if I had millions of dollars, I think I would invest in buying this place, remodel it, keeping the original essence and make it a center for Yoga, meditation, teacher trainings and spiritual practices like no other. Integrating organic gardens, fruit trees, raw food, raw honey ( there were tons of bee hives on the trees), raw juices, best Indian exquisite cuisine ..  Full of beauty, peace and nature. So much potential.. Anyways.. I get carried away..

IMG_5829 IMG_5830 IMG_5833 IMG_5837 IMG_5845

This meditation cave or structure was on top of the building, 4 floors up. It was about 10 feet tall. I went up the rusty ladder… very very high… and looked inside the hole on the very  top. There was just an empty compartment.. enough for a person to sit.. what would it be for?


The temple IMG_5855 IMG_5858

and in the back of the temple what it seemed like a big Yoga/ Meditation Hall

IMG_5870 IMG_5876

IMG_5889 IMG_5890  —

At the Ganga Beach House restaurant. Their the promotional image for the menu is a photo of the restaurant when flooded by the Ganga! Very  Great falafels and pizza.. good to change the Indian food tone I’ve been into for the last month at the Sattva Center. Flies everywhere.. but that’s just India.

IMG_5996 IMG_5640

45 min trip to Haridwar. An old little town down south from Rishkesh.

I went to a Vedic Astrologer a few days ago, who was impressively accurate. He told me I needed to do a ritual in Haridwar for my success in my relationship.. so I listened attentively and had some doubts, of course..  I was supposed to meet him after sunset in Haridwar and then we were to go to this temple where we would do a Puja with a Priest. I travel to Haridwar with enough time so I could check out the town and its vibes.

I walked around and it was intense! No foreigners at all so I was a rare specimen that lots of people would stare at. The Ganga, just 30 min down from Rishikesh! had changed completely. It was not the clean jade green river. It was polluted and stinky. When I found out I needed to go deep into the village 5 kms to this man’s house after dark hours, I decided I was not taking the risk.

I took a stroll through the little streets and had some adventures, then head out home.

IMG_6025 IMG_6029 IMG_6030


The biggest cow/oxen? I’ve ever seen.. It was maybe like 6 feet tall and 7 feetin lenght? just huge!

IMG_6033 IMG_6038 IMG_6039 IMG_6044

Sifting through to see what they would find.. IMG_6053

MilkIMG_6062 IMG_6064 IMG_6068 IMG_6071

Bicycle ride from a very old thin man.. so strong though. He carried me for about 2 miles to the Bus Station. Lovely experience. He charged 2 rupees which is about 0.04 cents.. I gave me 30 rupees, he jumped with joy!


Blow Horn! More?? IMG_6083

Beautiful Henna work so I can relax while traveling + a great Indian Dosa with Paneer and potatoes! – Rishikesh

IMG_6102 IMG_6104 IMG_6088

and now last but not least, I close this chapter for India in my blog with my new love for Hanuman, the Monkey god and what he represents to me: An immense devotion to God, great intellect, wisdom, honoring and reclaiming the feminine, the devotion for chanting and the balance achieved through yogic practices.

Even though most people are Shiva’s devotees here in Rishikesh, I found it to be very much about Hanuman in so many ways… he was everywhere I looked and also, so many monkeys, everywhere!

A wonderful article and some stories of Hanuman here

IMG_4642 IMG_5767 IMG_5768

Hanuman temple where I brought a small statue for a blessing.

IMG_5701 IMG_5697 IMG_5695 IMG_5696

While this ritual/blessing was being performed, the Ganga Aarti started and the song they played was the Hanuman Chalisa… such magical serendipity!IMG_5705


Oh yes! I must not forget Ganesh and my paid promised to him: to bring him the best chocolate ever all the way from Hawaii to his feet! He was happy with such treat!



  1. Catie Mason

    I’ve looked through all of your posts about India. So amazing and beautiful, I am so grateful we got to experience this amazing journey together. I miss you! I miss India. But we will meet again somewhere beautiful we just have to make it happen. Thank you for your beautiful words and your stunning pictures. I will come back here again and again to relive. I can’t wait to look through more of your entries about the rest of your life, not just dreamy India. LOVE you. xoxo Sending you lots of love from warm and sunny Halifax (I brought the good weather home with me, thankfully!) Catie

  2. carmen

    Maravillosa sensacion con las imagenes y tus letras¡¡¡ es una bendicion la oportinidad que te toco vivir en la India y me siento muy orgullosa de se tu madre y que tu camino sea con rosas en tus pies amada mia…

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