Playing at the Yuba River & Lakes in Nevada City.

Aug. 9th – Aug. 11th, 2015

On the way to Ashland to pick up the girls, we deviated a bit and went to Sacramento to see one of Daniel’s friend blowing glass .. It was.. kind of boring .. but oh well.. so then since we had already deviated, why not pass by Nevada City and visit the Yuba River? It was fantastic! The river has speckles of gold everywhere. ..  the waters are so magical..

We went on a silent walk and enjoyed nature so much. Daniel found some special rocks with lines and spend some time in meditation and making a composition for others to find..

IMG_4499 IMG_4507 IMG_4515 IMG_4527 IMG_4533

I sat on an island in the middle of the river,

surrounded by running water

 relaxing for some time.

The water was sweetly warm and the weather?

just perfect.


IMG_4577 IMG_4580

Circle of Stones – connected by a thread IMG_4569


Lake Spaulding – Nevada City

First time bathing in a lake! It was deliciously cold!!!! super cold!!! so fun!

IMG_4585 IMG_4600 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4605 IMG_4607 IMG_4609 IMG_4611 IMG_4613 IMG_4615 IMG_4624 IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4634

Super beautiful spotIMG_4637 IMG_4652 IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4671 IMG_4676 IMG_4686

Hiking and driving around in Nevada City

IMG_4692 IMG_4697 IMG_4715 IMG_4720



Deer’s antlers on the road (dead deer- only way to get this up close)



IMG_4742 IMG_4758 IMG_4759 IMG_4762 IMG_4764 IMG_4772

More of the Yuba river IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4797

Good times with Veronica Webb

IMG_4808 IMG_4810 IMG_4816 IMG_4817

We loved Grass Valley in many ways. Good food, great people, 5 rhythm dance, amazing co-op, great nature …

There was one thing that made me cringe though: almost all homes had the US flag on their outside porch or doors.. I get scared when I see people displaying flags for no reason, no holiday.. In my eyes, flags are a way to separate. It’s a way to say ” I’m American (or whatever other country), look at me” .. scary mentality. It feels racist to me. Would never live in a place that display a behavior as such.. I guess, I’m judging here..anyhow.. We had a great vacation time.. Off to Ashland now.. :p

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