Banakuma 2016

January 30th through February 4th, 2016

6 days of Dancing and Drumming: Total Immersion … What a blast! Learning the African Dance moves and tunes with amazing community to later perform at the Flow Fest with Chris Berry.

I taught Yoga every morning to a few that made the 7am cut .. 🙂 Then we danced and drummed from 9am to 6pm.. It was exhausting and heart opening and bonding and exhilarating and much more….

4th Banakuma for me, 2nd for Daniel. A highlight of this year for sure.

Drum group IMG_9143 IMG_9293 IMG_9477 IMG_9695 IMG_9684 IMG_9529

Zaea Mana, Chris Berry’s daughter.



Chris had just lost his father a few days ago + was dealing with really intense issues with his land and some neighbors .. After 6 days of an incredible leadership, we surrounded him and loved him up in gratitude for the Banakuma (his creation) that he shared and keeps sharing with all of us.


Banakuma Banakuma 2016-




IMG_9887IMG_9888IMG_9892IMG_9900IMG_9901IMG_9905IMG_9925IMG_0012 IMG_9728

Opening Ceremony – We walked all together in a procession, from the venue to the ocean. Prayed, connected with the 4 elements and collected water from the ocean to take back to the main altar.


12696925_1015529551852483_4085601983052660120_o copy 12698189_1015524871852951_167376596248152313_o


IMG_9764 IMG_9770

It was with one of Daniel’s Wave bowls that Kaliko, our Hawaiian friend, collected the water. From there, we caravaned back to the venue while drumming and dancing in prayer.

IMG_9790 IMG_9795 IMG_9802 IMG_9820 IMG_9823 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9829 IMG_9834 IMG_9840 IMG_9842 IMG_9846 IMG_9856 IMG_9864 IMG_9868

Back at the main stage, the bowl with the water sat at the altar for the whole festival to get charged with prayers in the form of art, music, dance and sweat. This water will make it back to the ocean, on the last night of the festival, so that the good vibes of the newly charged water would travel through the ocean to bring peace, harmony and love to all beings.

It was definitely a very emotive moment in time. We all were so high and in such state of love.. Simply amazing. Such an incredible community of people to pray with.

IMG_9869 IMG_9872——

Laurie’s art IMG_9878 Sister’s gathering right before the performance on Saturday night  12715902_10153861482932394_5939948301119434012_o

12716446_10153861482882394_931628162855007827_o 12716446_10153861485557394_8734750540234864965_o 12694862_10153861485232394_4515118456018292696_o-2

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