My 39th Birthday

May 13, 2016

39 years old on this day. I celebrate making hawaiian leis with my husband. I celebrate surrounded by beauty and color, by nature and good friends. I celebrate my life, this life that I feel so blessed to have. I celebrate that I have all my needs met, that I have LOVE all around me. I celebrate health and peace in all of me. I celebrate my choices because with each one, I’m here in this now that I love so much. May I continue to be showered with abundance, love, health, joy, good friends and tons of more goodness. May all this goodness expand and touch all those around me. May magick keeps happening!


img_2608img_2641 img_2617 img_2618 img_2623 img_2629 img_2633 img_2646 img_2647


Doing what I love doing – hubby joins me! cuz now we have 2 amazing cameras.img_2650 img_2665 img_2746 img_2771 img_2804 img_2824 img_2831 img_2832 img_0549 img_0566 img_0588 img_0508 img_0511 img_0513 img_0521 img_0526 img_0527 img_0531

img_0488 img_2756 img_2847 img_2872 img_2933 img_2940 img_2953

With our dear friends Lorn and Shakti img_2961

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