Summer fun with the Girls

June-July 2016


21 days of depth, joy, laughter, fun, tears, conflict and great resolution, LOVE and much more.

Cooking amazing meals with these two! 🙂

img_5033 img_5043

img_5059 img_5060 img_5065 img_5069


At times Dan and I took turns with the girls so that we could spend some one-on-one quality time with each of them… so this is my garden time with Sophia. This girl and I had some really good bonding time that day.

Here she is wearing my hat and dress tied up in her shoulders so that it would fit!

img_5106 img_5109 img_5112 img_5166

Dan washing the car with Sophia


Sophia helping papa to treat the water naturally, with Peroxide

img_1534 img_1535


img_5174 img_5402


img_5225 img_5234 img_5265

img_5257 img_5310 img_5316 img_5349 img_5359 img_5360 img_5364 img_5372 img_5376 img_5382

Life emerging from the lava img_5383 img_5246 img_5259 img_5392

KONA time

img_0942 img_0944 img_0950 img_0983 img_0984 img_0990 img_0995 img_1007 img_1011 img_1016 img_1023 img_1030 img_1042 img_1064 img_1111 img_1242 img_1116 img_1119 img_1120 img_1126 img_1127 img_1150 img_1152 img_1158 img_1162 img_1183 img_1191 img_1200 img_1220

Saddle Road

img_1249 img_1278 img_1295 img_1296

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