Summer fun – Part 2 – Maureen visits

June 23rd through July 2nd, 2016

A walk on the Puna Makuu Coast with Maureen and Sophia  ❤

img_1320 img_1322 img_1325 img_1337 img_1340

The Wild Rabbit’s early morning visitimg_1350 img_1355 img_1360 img_1361 img_1363 img_1364 img_1367 img_1371 img_1372 img_1374 img_1379 img_1380 img_1386


img_1389 img_1390

CAMILLA ❤img_1393 img_1396 img_1402 img_1406 img_1407 img_1414 img_1422 img_1423 img_1424 img_1427 img_1429



img_1445 img_1450 img_1461 img_1475 img_1479 img_1496 img_1510 img_1513 img_1517 img_1524 img_1525


img_1528 img_1531

A walk on the HPP Makuu Coat to the hidden ponds


A heart ❤img_1546 img_1555 img_1559 img_1580 img_1586 img_1619 img_1629 img_1680 img_1728 img_1793

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