July 24th through July 31st, 2016

Tickets in hand. Maui awaits, everything is set up yet a tropical storm is to come. Our flight leaves exactly at the time the weather forecast predicts the storm will hit.. There is no way I’ll leave then.. We changed the tickets (at not cost! 🙂 ) and gave it some time for the storm to pass…

We’ve had some intense experiences before with tropical storms so we expected some intensity this time.. We secured all the things that could fly and waited… but no much wind came.. Some, yes, but not as much.. I guess now that we live a bit further away from the coast, it is different. People we know that live by the coast were experiencing the intensity… and although a bit scary, I was missing it.. so we drove down from the street we live on, 10 min, to  the ocean..  it was fierce and extraordinary!.. The wind was blowing so strong and we were getting so drenched that I couldn’t take my camera out.. except to take these 2 images.. Stormingly beautiful!

IMG_7304 IMG_7312


Now this is Maui… Blue Skies, gorgeous ocean..


Silly DanIMG_7318 IMG_7356

We did some business, some shopping and some adventure. I’m feeling so grateful that our business allows us to travel to create more goodness in our lives..

We opened a new account with another gallery, visited the existing accounts, came up with some strategies for more abundance and drove! a lot! Maui is beautiful and small.. yet to get to one place from another, takes effort and time.. traffic is kind of intense at times.. and we are not used to it so that got us a bit..

We enjoyed it and made the best out of it though.. always do…We ate fantastic food, got to rest from our routine and got super inspired in so many ways… and well…

…having a clothing optional beach is priceless… Here it is.. hiking from Big Beach to Little Beach… no nude photos though.. that’s private 😉

IMG_7366 IMG_7369 IMG_7372 IMG_7375 IMG_7376 IMG_7380 IMG_7382 IMG_7384 IMG_7388 IMG_7392 IMG_7398 IMG_7402 IMG_7442

And we rented a convertible.. for fun

IMG_7446 IMG_7448

At Sacred Garden – with “Jacomo”,

a very interesting rooster who LOVES being petted on the head and beak..

IMG_7452 IMG_7457 IMG_7462

Taking turns to walk the Labyrinths at Sacred Heart

IMG_7470 IMG_7479 IMG_7501 IMG_7510 IMG_7513 IMG_7517 IMG_7520 IMG_7534

More rooster petting 😉

I would stop petting him and he would chase me for more! So fun this rooster… IMG_7539 IMG_7544 IMG_7553 IMG_7554

A secret private and clothing optional beach in Paia. Fabulous!  a total gem we just discovered..

It was sooooo windy, we were getting sandblasted at times.. but we went in the ocean though and swam with crazy choppy waves.. it was the most fun ever! A kind of unforgettable day for me.. and we even found a Honu! on our way out.. all to ourselves!

IMG_7565 IMG_7572 IMG_7590 IMG_7593 IMG_7595


On the Road to Hana

We got up early to drive Hana Road, one of the most winding and most beautiful roads in the world.. Daniel pulled to fill up the gas tank, got out of the car and all of the sudden a car backed into us! Daniel was outside the car, I was inside.. I saw it happening and screamed at the driver from the top off convertible but she didn’t hear me.. Very tight spaces, crazy international drivers, lost of traffic and commotion.. Well, we were having an experience.. I thought “Well, here it goes our day!” ..

We stayed in place, called the police for a report, got the insurance and the rental car communicating .. it wasn’t our fault but still sucks! We wasted a few hours there..

It wasn’t that bad though. Just the fender got scratched and loose so the car rental company allowed us to keep the car.. Phew! If we were to go exchange the car for another, we would have really wasted the whole day.

We got a late start and our plans for hiking the Bamboo forest and the Sacred Pools did not manifest but we adventured amazingly anyways..


You would think that these are tough Lava feet! ..and they are but they are so soft too… IMG_7831 IMG_7835


Enjoying the views from the convertible.. IMG_7605 IMG_7888 IMG_7894 IMG_7899 IMG_7874 IMG_7879  IMG_7903 IMG_7920 IMG_7939 IMG_7945


IMG_7974 IMG_7987 IMG_8019 IMG_8027 IMG_8028


and a Black Sand Beach!IMG_8038

Stopping on the way for coconuts and vegan organic cocounut icea cream !

Ahhh..Living the Dream!  🙂


— Funny stuff people make. —




I did some research for visiting some unusual beaches on Maui and found Koki Beach. We didn’t think we would go as it was far far away from we were staying but we ended up going by luck! as it was on Hana Road… I wanted to go becuase I read that according to Hawaiian legend, Kōkī Beach is where the volcano goddess Pele fought her final battle with her older sister, Namakaokaha’i, the goddess of the ocean. Pele’s bones were stacked along the Kōkī shoreline and her spirit traveled to Kilauea of Big Island.

It seemed like the only quiet spiritual place we would find and boy it was! It was so quiet and beautiful.. I took some coconut as an offering for Pele and she gifted me with the most beautiful and unique Coral Heart I’ve ever seen.

We walked and meditated.. it is a place filled with Mana and we certainly could feel the sacredness of it..

The dark red sand at Kōkī Beach was produced by the nearby cinder cone hill of Ka Iwi O Pele, meaning “bones of Pele.”

IMG_8044 IMG_8050 IMG_8057 IMG_8070

Driving from Lahaina, after visiting a gallery.. Ocean on the right, mountains and rainbows on the left.


Movie under the stars that day… at a hotel near by Lahaina. They played: Purple Rain, a movie from the eighties with Prince. It was ok.. I mainly went because it was outdoors and Daniel loves Prince yet the movie was a bit violent and very old paradigm.. My favorite was just to sit outside with my beloved Daniel with a roof FULL of stars.. 🙂

Worcester Glass Studio and Gallery

IMG_8100 IMG_8105 IMG_8122 IMG_8148 IMG_8121

We visited Summer, our friend, who works at Worcester Glass Studio.. WOW! SUPER inspiring.. They are soo creative and organized and amazing.. We went there for a short visit and ended up staying for hours.. ! So talented and humble ..! Good times!

IMG_8096 IMG_8094

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