Waimanu – Flow of goodness

Oct. 7th through Oct. 14th, 2016

Gearing up for a magical trip! to the valley of Waimanu. Our second trip together into this valley. So exciting to be out in nature for at least 6 entire days and nights. No cell phones, no computers, out of our routine and tuned in.

My intention for this trip is to re-connect with self, with nature but specially with the waters of this planet. In deep prayer we’ll walk and play.

We prepared for this trip for a month. Order the lightest gear, the lightest this and that, dehydrated food and lots of details. We are ready now and our friends from TrustedHousesitters are here to care for our kitties! Yay!  We can go with ease of mind and trust they’ll be loved and taken care of.


Shelley and Dan ( the housesitters)  gave us a ride to the entrance of Waipio and hitchhiked and adventured all the way down to the first valley with us! img_2256
About to start the “Z trial” all the way up, in and out, and down to the next Valley:

WAIMANU – The valley of many waters


ON THE TRAIL  img_2285 img_2290 img_2307 img_2305 img_2311 img_2324 img_2315 img_2329

Daniel building an easy access to/from our camp to the beach. Gorgeous days!

img_2332 img_2344 img_2352 img_2364 img_2376 img_2386

Our hang out lounge img_2387 img_2424 img_2426

Water eyes

img_2429 img_2443 img_2444 img_2493


Filtering water from the little spring near by the camp


Our happy stairway with hearts and all – Morning timesimg_2511 img_2512 img_2517 img_2519 img_2534 img_2537

img_2407img_2408 img_2548

On the way to the big Waterfall img_2553 img_2562


img_2612 img_2576 img_2584

img_2592img_2595img_2598img_2604 img_2603 img_2608 img_2611 img_2616

It rained for a couple of days and the river has grown. We would need to cross it tomorrow to get out of the valley. We observed a couple of people crossing it today, no problem… Phew! Ok, All is well.

img_2628 img_2630

We met a really nice couple that arrived a couple of days after us. Sabrina and Eagle. They had a dog that came with them in the kayak. The ocean was too rough for the dog to go back with them so they asked us to walk him out with us and so we did.

It was a lot of fun! and challenging as well. Probably the longest hike that he’s ever done. Every time we took a little break, he would coil and try to sleep only to be gently and lovingly pushed back again in the trail.

img_2636 img_2643

When we finally arrived, Sabrina and Eagle were waiting in Waipio… super stoked to see their dog “Lehua” and their dog SUPER stoked to see them. They took our stuff in the kayak across the river so it was easier for us to cross the river back again… and gave us a ride on their truck all the way up to our ride.

Stinky, stoked, reset, tired, FULL of goodness and love, we came back home to happy cats and a well cared home.


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