Banakuma & Flow Fest 2017

January-Feb. 2017

Once again, we meet with the Banakuma Family for a week of drumming, dancing, singing and relating with wonderful people!

Participating on a week like this requires so much focus, so much energy .. our feet and hands were hurting… I lived on Arnica to make it through! … it’s exhausting and at the same time… SO MUCH FUN!  We love this time of the year!

Flow fest

Our prayer-formance

I only took a few photos at the beginning.. then I dropped in and relax and enjoy… didn’t want to take my camera with me anymore…

The weekend long ceremony was held at Green Lake, with good food, great people, great music! The best Flow Fest yet! Every year it keeps getting better!

Opening Ceremony with Kumu Ehulani

Our ritual: The Water collection ceremony – this time, at Green Lake.

A VERY LONG video of the whole prayer-formance . Kind of hard to watch it all but you can get a sense 😉

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