Jan-Feb. 2017

We truly learned the meaning of the word “Ohana” with these wonderful people! They stayed with us for 2 weeks or so and it was such a joy! Nicole was coming to teach African Dance at Banakuma and what started with a just a “couple of days stay”( because Jaco was feeling under the weather after a long flight) it ended up extending beyond .. because of many circumstances that are a bit private to say here but nevertheless, it was destiny! and what a beautiful experience!

We bonded so deeply with them and feel so grateful for their presence in our lives! This people are our extended family, our Ohana. Nicole, Huntor, Soleil and Jaco!

Here is some adventures we took together after the whole Banakuma and Flow Fest thing ended:

Volcano National Park

Rambunctious Jaco!  

Sweet Soleil

We hiked part of the Kilauea Iki trail, the lava tube and waited to see Pele emerge at sunset. Super sweet times!

At the Pohoiki Warm Ponds

Soleil learning to swim! for the first time!


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