Creativity Unleashed Painting retreat

Creativity Unleashed Painting retreat with Amber Bonicci

Barbara Brown and I teamed up to get the discount and then Alila and I teamed up and got a AIRBNB and Waimea. It all lined up for us all to participate on this retreat. It was challenging and triggering at times and expanding and insightful at times. 50 women, 50 muses. 



4 days – from which really only 2 days were for painting… it normally takes me a few months to finish a painting so for me, this was a challenge of allowing what is and letting loose.

In my meditation, she showed me that the key that I’ve been looking for to open the chest, is inside the chest itself. She was staring at something that shone so bright… I didn’t know what that was but I listened and expressed it in the painting. She later told me that she was staring at me … 🙂 Ha!

She never told me her name… Here she is:

Alila Ma and I at the very end of our journey.

All the women’s paintings

(except a couple that didn’t want their muse to be photographed)

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