My mom’s visit

March 1st through March 13th, 2017

Hilo beaches

Red Road, Kalapana views and stops

Secret Beach & Warm Ponds

Volcano National Park

The beauty of Kilauea Iki trail

Driving down to the ocean – The old lava, the older lava, the forest – All so majestic  –

Volcano National Park

Mauna Kea

What an amazing variety of scenery there is on this island. What a blessing to share the beauty of this land with my mother. Yoga, good food, gardening, fun… we did it all in harmony and danced pretty amazingly through it all.


  1. Carmen

    Gracia Marìa !! Hija de mi alma !! Fue una experiencia diferente y mágica y estar contigo fue muy lindo todo lo que me brindaste !!! Me sentí querida y consentida !! Pude ver cosas y sentir cosas que nunca antes sentí !! Gracias a ti y Moe !! Dios bendiga nuestras vidas !

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