Celebrating our 40th and 50th B-days!

April and May 2017

Celebrating 40 years of LIFE well lived at my favorite beach, Makalawena.

I’m loving 200 more grey hairs in my hair … which truthfully comes along with tons of wisdom. I’m noticing my skin changing, wrinkles more noticeable, my hands are stronger and aging at the same time, my open perspectives and my wiser choices… I’m loving who I am.

I’m deeply grateful for my hard working hands, my heart, my healthy eyes, my breath, my trust, my godly creator self, the witness that witness this all and the one being witness...

I’m grateful for the people in my community!

I live a blessed life rich in creativity and awesome experiences. I’m grateful for LIFE.

I’m thankful to have called and welcomed a sacred partnership with a conscious amazing man who embodies the divine masculine like I never seen any man do.. who loves me so deeply and honors me every single day of my life.

I’m eager to see and experience this new chapter. I’m consciously creating and at the same allowing.

I had an amazing weekend at my favorite beach, Makalawena. We rented a 4×4 and drove the “nasty road. We camped for 2 nights and enjoy the pristine ocean, a monk seal, turtles, starry nights, snuggles, juicy love… Lots of fun and laughter. I feel rejuvenated and at peace.

I’m officially 40..

Best place to eat Lychee

The Moon

Our Magic spot to camp

Daniel’s 50th B-day Week long celebration in Maui and Big Island

Catching the last days of Whale Watching!

Dolphins came out to play too!

Sunflower field fun

Chillaxing on Daniel’s new hammock

We went to see Jai Uttal and sang some sweet kirtan and then celebrated even furter at a Beautiful home concert with Mary Isis

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