About me


My name is Maria and I’m a Professional Creator.


I live on planet Earth – more specifically in Hawaii. I’ve been on this body for about 39 years now. A breeze but it seems like lifetimes.

I was born and lived the first 23 years of my life in Venezuela… but I’m not from there, if you know I mean.

I am always renewing, evolving, morphing, transforming, growing expanding…..Ahhhh…. yes!

2I LOVE LIFE on this planet that is

I love Photography, Art, Yoga, Animals (specially cats), food, painting, gardening, music, the ocean and the SUN! and well, lately learning to give and allow for space to the moon in my heart ( my feminine ).

2I get to express my creativity in many ways in this life, supported by all my human friends/angels, family, my husband and my own strong spirit, Spirit of all. I get to drink the best tea everyday: Creativi-tea!. I live in abundance and I create abundance!

2I’m married to a wonderful man and artist and I get to help him with what ” artists need help with”, you know, the left brain stuff like numbers and other things.

See his amazing art here: www.MoeHotGlass.com


Being human is fun and not so fun, for me at times. There is so much limitations ( like.. you can’t fly or be transparent when you want) but I have chosen this reincarnation to learn a few things and for the most part I’m enjoying the ride.

2I feel joy and I feel pain for this planet, I feel grief and I feel hope, I feel connected and disconnected at times… Human! Such a complex thing to be.

2I’ve been hired by Spirit to create and experience and then to report back to the Higher Consciousness. What a fantastic job!  to witness and play this game.

2I better take my job seriously then, right?

This is my costume now, the human shape…and I am yet to master anything.


2I’ve been gifted in this reincarnation by a pair of gracious hands that hold the power of healing, conscious, intentional, present  touch

More about that here:



Also, if you want to see some specific stuff that I capture with my camera:


Here is a video that I love from Peia, a great musician and artist.  A video to honor our beloved Mother





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