Giving from my fullness

She was born from a deep need
a need for BALANCE

99That precious balance that’s so delicate, so challenging for me at times

99I give so much so often – I forget about me
She reminds me that my needs are important
She reminds me that I need to be FULL in order to give
Emptiness is not a pretty place to give from
Giving, then, comes from a place of  fear, of not being enough
an unconscious part of me – a fear of not being  loved and accepted for who I am
a wound that I’m healing right here, right now !99

and so she teaches me
She teaches me to indulge

99to indulge in the divine nectar of taking care of myself
of SELF love

99From that space, it’s so yummy to give
what I can
without pressure
without agenda
with full acceptance that “just being me” is, in fact,  -“enough”-

99and while painting, I get challenged and pulled by the everyday mundane demands
and I feel the urge to fall into my patterns of giving until exhaustion
and I remember
I remember
“It is ok for me to set boundaries with my loved ones”
“My needs matter too”

99and so I say,
but … later
I’m painting right now
My needs for beauty, for joy, for connection, for space and many others are being met here right now – by painting her
and I’m honored to be learning so much from her

99There is so much magic that flows through me when I’m


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