Perfect as you are

I feel it
a jewel buried underneath
I’m distracted
no longer connected

I have to let go
something has to give
but I’m afraid to lose my grip

Trust dear child
let go
let go
let go

Trust dear child
it’s safe
it’s there,

-it’s there-

the safety net
take the first step and it will come

I love you more than you think,
your sadness is the seed for unveiling
your grief is essential for the sprouting of your purpose

something dies today
something even greater is born tomorrow

Trust dear child
come in
come in
come in

with your unique and greatest gifts
YOU are the bright yellow sun
empowered, alive and beautifully soft

You can build empires with your strong Spirit
and you have the power to destroy them if they no longer serve you

is fixed

Swear NOTHING dear child
Make no plans

No plans other than being alive
with ALL your feelings, ALL your humanness,
ALL your anger, ALL your love
with ALL! the virtuosity of your of your BEING

You are Perfect as you are


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