Why do I?

* Why do I write?

3I write to hear my voice,
because there are places of honesty and beauty that I go in my writing
that I can’t always go in my life and I must.
When I write,
I let the parts of me that hold my breath, breathe.
I write to let light into my being and let darkness out,
to own myself capturing the rhythms of my cycles,
journeys into the abbys,
travels through glory.
I write to allow myself to feel,
climb inside my emotions and explore their reaches and textures,
summon my tears,
let them wash me hot and clean then drain me empty and free.
I write myself alive and reborn,
whole and holy,
to experience myself transformed.
I write because I hurt and because I love and so I won’t lose anything.
And because I’m lonely,
sensual and spiritual
and I need to make contact with the divine.
Writing for me is like touching,
it is rubbing and rolling my body against the divine
until my boundaries dissolve and I no longer know where to start and where I stop,
I become part of the universal, Om.
I write to make myself eternal,
leave a piece of me stained into the ethers.
I write because I believe God listens,
to keep myself company,
keep myself honest,
keep myself from senseless entertainment.

Meredith Heller

Love for books



Why do I photograph things?


I photograph to document my stories
another way to be the witness of my journey
to capture images attached to emotions
to remind myself that everything changes

2I photograph nothing and everything
because I see the mystery within the simple things
and I unlock that mystery when I move in stillness

2I photograph light and darkness
joy and longing
sweet and sour
memories that swing up and down

2I snap in time
because time dissolves it all
and hearing the click in my camera
is like to shooting a dart,2

a dart that holds time in space

2I photograph to document my growth and learning as a soul,
to show my loved ones what my eyes glimpse

2I photograph cuz one day I’ll die
but my innocence will remain through my photographs
and because I want my children to see
my profound love for the divine
even when my face gets covered with precious lines of timePreview Changes

2I photograph cuz I love colors
cuz my eyes have been hurt
and I want to heal them
with the intimacy of creation

2I photograph cuz I can
cuz I love deeply
cuz I want to grasp it all…

2Me (2008)


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